Forest Hill Primary School is an organization committed to open life-changing opportunities for children through quality education. Education is wealth that can be invested by people to better their lives. Education is the most effective weapon against poverty and social enigma.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to support a model high quality international level school offering a cost-effective, broad, and challenging educational program to students in the North-West province and mainly Rustenburg city.


The school is characterised by and committed to the following: Christian ethos and values, Child friendliness, Creative thinking, Positive discipline, Co-ed, English medium, Controlled class size, Benchmarked curriculum standards

Welcome to Forest Hill Primary School

Forest Hill Primary School is a truly English medium primary school, is a start-up high quality educational institution. The school is located at 21 WaterBoom Avenue Protea Park, which provides a conducive learning environment.

Visualization and active learning will be integrated in every subject. English lab will be setup to help students practice reading, writing, and speaking English correctly and proficiently. Students will be provided an active learning environment. Active learning refers to methods where students do more than simply listen to class lectures. Students “do” something including discovering, processing, practicing, and applying information through interaction with teachers. The organization intends to incorporate a library in the system so that the mentality of converting free time into reading time will be nurtured at a tender age.

Directors Welcome

We extend a warm and sincere welcome to all website visitors!

Forest Hill Primary School is a unique blend of all that is South African. Our school offers experiences and opportunities so that every child is able to realise his/her potential. As part of our endeavour to provide our pupils with a holistic education, Edufocus at Forest Hill was founded to ensure that the physical, academic, social, emotional and psychological aspects of each and every pupil’s development, were nurtured in the best possible way.

Why Choose Us


Putting your child’s future in the right hands is the first stage towards child development. Studying at Forest Hill offers a unique opportunity for your child’s talent and intellect to be nurtured in a professional and life changing way. The right to education is not only the right to access education but also the right to receive an education of good quality. Education must be available and accessible but also acceptable and adaptable.

Our students must receive quality education that enables their personalities, talents and abilities and to live a full and satisfying life within society. The aims of education go far beyond acquiring numeracy and literacy skills. Basic skills also include life skills such as the ability to make well-balanced decisions; to resolve conflicts in a responsibily, critical thinking, creative talents, and other abilities which give children the tools needed to pursue their options in life.

Conducive Learning Environment

Our learning environment is adequate, safe and non-violent. We have an appropriate number of classrooms, accessible to all, with adequate and separate sanitation facilities for girls and boys. A quality learning facility lies at the heart of education. It influences what students learn, how they learn and what benefits they draw from their education.

The Best Teachers

Teachers are at the heart of quality education. Forest Hill has a sufficient number of trained teachers, receiving good quality pre-service and in-service training with built-in components on gender sensitivity, non-discrimination, and human rights.


At Forest Hill Primary School, our educators have adopted an education has to be “child-centred, child-friendly and empowering” mind-set. Our trained teaching staff   provides education in a way that respects the inherent dignity of the child and enables the child to express his or her views and to participate in school life

Student Services


The school has a comprehensive approach for students who may require additional support in developing the academic, social or emotional skills required to be an active and effective member of the community. A focus on early identification for students who need individualised support in one or more areas of development is part of the school’s policy for students at educational risk (SAER). Strategies to support identified students include individualised education plans, the implementation of relevant teaching and learning strategies and ongoing monitoring of student progress.


Our Student Services team is here to support students, families and staff.  We work closely with staff and collaborate with a wide range of outside agencies to assist in catering for students with a range of pastoral care, academic, attentional, social, emotional and behavioural needs, as well as support teachers to cater for students who have a diagnosed disability or who have been identified as gifted and talented.

Forest Hill Primary School’s Student Services team consists of:


  • The principal: Ms. Moud Godzongere
  • Learning Support Coordinator: Ms. Ruth Dirwai
  • We are located adjacent to Deo Gloria church hence some chaplain services can be availed.

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Quality education is what every parent needs for his/her children.

Our teaching staff possess a full arsenal to deliver high standards of education.