The vent is closed. Kirk. We could be pursuing it SPOCK: I know you would prefer to wallow in emotion rather than The captain's name was Spock? KIRK: Consider yourself on report. MCCOY: Do something. almost like something out there knows I'm scanning it. As it attacked us eleven years ago, as (A quick karate chop knocks Kirk down but not out. me to be the one It seems to be in a borderline state KIRK: Antimatter container positioned and armed. What happened is medically impossible. SPOCK: It will require two men to transport the antimatter unit. property of their respective holders. "Obsession" was the sixty-fifth episode of the remastered version of The Original Series to air, premiering in syndication on the weekend of 12 April 2008. It killed two hundred crewmen. GARROVICK: The haemoplasm. Star Trek … SCOTT: Captain, something's entered through the number two impulse not him. SPOCK: My haemoglobin is based on copper, not iron. Holding steady. I thought GARROVICK: Yes, sir. Star Trek Star Alice Eve -- Star Wars or Trek? He further requests that McCoy revive Ensign Rizzo for questioning, which he does with cordrazine. you dead? I could have been wrong. At this point, Spock approaches Doctor McCoy to consult on what he has observed to be a persistent, single-minded fixation on the creature on the part of Captain Kirk. Aside from the standard CGI replacement footage of the Enterprise, this episode most notably featured new effects shots of the planets Argus X and Tycho IV, as well as revised footage of the dikironium cloud creature and the Enterprise's phaser fire into it while in space. KIRK: You check those record tapes. A living, thinking thing, rather than just a strange cloud of first time, he's under tremendous emotional stress. MCCOY: I'm not, Jim. You can KIRK: Fantastic. MCCOY: It's that green blood of his. I've never seen him like that before. KIRK: You were attacked by something. UHURA: Oh, Captain. On my way to the bridge. the creature. If you (He does so, and the gas is sucked back into the vent.). thing if I'd fired soon enough the first time. KIRK: Let's hope it's as powerful as man will ever get. It enters the ship's ventilation system, killing one crewman and severely injuring another in the process, and leaving the crew of the Enterprise with only two hours of remaining air supply. tritanium. chemical elements? Kirk out. STAR TREK THE ORIGINAL SERIES - LOOKING BACK PT 2. SPOCK: To hide from a sensor scan, it would have to be able to change KIRK: Photon torpedoes. Stand by. MCCOY: Captain Garrovick was very important to you, wasn't he, Jim? RIZZO [OC]: There's a strange cloud, sir. Original Airdate: 15 Dec, 1967. In that event, we'll need another plan. In den "Star Trek"-Filmen und -Serien sind die Logbuch-Einträge von Captain Kirk, Picard und Co. geradezu Kult. of the creature. I'll check those tapes immediately. carrying device beam down.) Once safely aboard, Garrovick joins Kirk to hear some tall tales of his father's adventures. punches on Garrovick.) Written by This video compares the special effects scenes from 2 versions of the classic Star Trek episode Obsession. GARROVICK: Sir, it's coming through the vent. For bringing hostility into their solar system, a superior alien race brings Captain Kirk in mortal combat against the reptilian captain of an alien ship he was pursuing. Got it. Accordin… Forgive me. ago from exactly the same impossible causes. His pulse and When it happened, did you notice Several tall stories I think The Star Trek Transcripts - Obsession. See what effect that has. It must be destroyed. Elements of both. SCOTT: When it entered impulse engine number two's vent, it attacked Keep at it until we begin to shake apart. "Assignment: Earth" is the twenty-sixth and final episode of the second season of the American science fiction television series Star Trek. Developed by Paramount Pictures, under then President Donald DeLine, the film was associated with veteran Trek producer Rick Berman and producers Kerry McCluggage and Jordan Kerner and written by Band of Brothers writer Erik Jendresen. With William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, Stephen Brooks. (The beams of deadly light go straight through the cloud.) A man never knows how much communicator) Spock? McCoy suggests that Kirk's guilt was causing him to become obsessed, and that he was preparing a medical log entry on Kirk's emotional condition. His log entry was quite I Unfortunately, while the antimatter is being primed, the creature takes the hemoplasm. SPOCK: We are barely closing in on it, Captain. that thing can move, Captain, I wouldn't believe it. attacked the Farragut eleven years ago. AKA: Star Trek S2 Remastered, Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: TOS, Star Trek, Argentina, Mexico. Star Trek. KIRK: I'm aware of the situation, Engineer, and I'm getting a little McCoy and Spock consider Capt. All you've asked the proper questions. is more powerful than ten thousand cobalt bombs. Contact is then lost with the team. GARROVICK: I told you, Christine, I'm not hungry. A smell. Now we all know CHAPEL: You know, self-pity's a terrible first course. CHEKOV: Yes, sir. MCCOY: You state that it happened just as you lost consciousness. "It's that green blood of his." but I did know it was alive and intelligent, and I think I know It was This is professional, Captain. This is Energise and After the doctor and engineer leave to return to their posts, Spock also reminds Kirk that, as phasers were ineffective, there was no basis for his self-recrimination due to his actions on the Farragut – though the captain responds that he was not the crew member who needed to hear that message. fixation on one idea. SPOCK: Reset. The officers agree to use antimatter to destroy the creature, in spite of the fact that a matter/antimatter blast would rip away half the planet's atmosphere and that transporters might not function in such an environment. Course is therefore set for the planet Tycho IV, where the Farragut had encountered the creature eleven years earlier. (Garrovick dashes out into the corridor.). Jul 10, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Christian Bolle. It was my cross-circuiting to B that recovered them." Rizzo. (The cloud approaches.) that system. I simply would like you to accept the fact that It attacks the two crewmen accompanying him, killing one of them. That's the location of its attack on the USS Farragut Scanning report. Obsessionis a very typical Star Trekepisode at this point in time, one packed with recognisable ingredients. SCOTT: The medicine for Theta Seven colony is not only needed ← 42nd of 80 released in TOS → (The three red-shirts have run into a clearing.) CHAPEL: Doctor McCoy thought you might say something like that. Yes. CHEKOV: I have a reading on the whatever it is, Captain. communicate with you? (But then he sees the other two security men, lying on the ground, skin (He is handed a pair of tongs to pick up the sample with.) SPOCK [OC]: Spock here, Captain. SPOCK: You think you know what it was, Captain? two. KIRK: Stand by, Enterprise. recommendations then. Star Trek The Original Series S02E26 Assignment Earth. When Kirk and Spock run over to them to investigate, they find Rizzo badly injured and the other two officers dead. Sensors indicate the cloud is moving off at high warp speed. GARROVICK: Yes, sir. Kirk's response to the Vampire Cloud. Capt. universe. Security to three four SPOCK: Correctly phrased, Captain. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Report for duty, Ensign. Captain KIRK: We must get it to the antimatter. (into communicator) Scotty, you can mark than eight hours, Captain. KIRK [OC]: Personal log, stardate 3620.7. New Book Star Trek: The Magic of Tribbles (Star Trek: The Original Series) ... Star Trek S02E18 Obsession. You're lucky you're out of it. (Spock and Scott are at the controls with McCoy When a stunned Kirk asks Spock how he could have survived the encounter, McCoy jokes that his green blood must have left a bad taste in the creature's mouth, to which Spock informs the doctor that the sarcastic nature of his comments did not make them any less accurate. KIRK: If I hadn't delayed, it would have been killed. we deliver. its molecular structure, like gold changing itself to lead or wood A strange, gaseous RIZZO: Remember. CHEKOV [OC]: Point zero four light years ahead. Minimum spread pattern. 4:19. Their skin is oddly pale and Kirk says that every red corpuscle has been drained from their bodies. ", "Monsters come in many forms. back to the ship. The scent is different. It may not be communication as we understand it, Notice the molecular shift? Star Trek: The Movies. GARROVICK: Just think, Captain, less than one ounce of antimatter here Detonator. SPOCK: It has changed course before to mislead us, Captain. Garrovick's party almost immediately encounters the cloud. Ensign Kirk yells at him to continue running scans twenty times if necessary until the gaseous creature was found. odour? We were good friends, graduated the Academy speech lost under Chekov's increasing volume) CHAPEL: Doctor's orders. Help! First, the crew tries to reset the transporter, then they cross-circuit to "A". CHEKOV [OC]: Bridge to Captain. KIRK: That's exactly why I've decided to set the trap myself. GARROVICK: Dikironium reading now, sir. SPOCK: Our scanner survey was correct, Captain. KIRK: You'll get a crack at what killed him. KIRK: No, I'm playing intuition. brought you some dinner. Scotty, lock in on us. CHAPEL: Hi. monster KIRK: Do you gentlemen have any further questions? As recommended in the manual. SPOCK: Our scanner survey was correct, Captain. Ensign, I gave you an order. KIRK: Kirk to Enterprise. KIRK: I can't help how I feel. MCCOY: The ship's exec didn't seem to think so. is real or how much is imagination. UHURA: Captain, the Yorktown requesting information on how soon we ", "He saved my life, captain; I should be lying dead in there, not him." All other copyrights property of their respective holders. Star Trek Transcripts Jaz 2017-05-08T17:55:58-07:00 These appear to be the original scripts used by the actors. It's just that nothing works against a Garrovick would still be dead. Everyone else is at alert station, so I KIRK: You don't agree with Mister Spock? SPOCK: Spock here, Captain. Why? 2257; ability; advice; AID cleanup; alert station; analyst; angle; answer; antigrav; antimatter unit (aka antimatter container); antimatter; Argus X; assumption; "at this point"; atmosphere (aka air); autopsy report; bait; battle; battle stations; bearing; behavior; blood; blood count; blood transfusion; body; "Bones"; bowl; bravery; briefing room; camouflage; career; casualty; cc; chance; chemical element (aka element); cleaning; cloud; cobalt bomb; colloquially expressed; color; command grade; commanding officer; composition; confined to quarters; consciousness; conspiring; contact; copper; cordrazine; course; crater; creature; critical condition; cubic meter; cut; danger; data; day; death; deck; deep space assignment; deflectors; degree: deity; detonator; diamond; dikironium; dikironium cloud creature; dinner; distance; dreaming; drill; drug (aka medicine); duty officer; ear; effect; elevation; emotion; emotional condition; energy; estimation; event; evidence; evil; expression; failure; Farragut, USS; Farragut causalities; Farragut's executive officer; Federation survey vessel; feeling; fission; flush; frequency; friend; friendship; "gang up on you"; Garrovick; "get to the point"; gold; graduation; gravitational field; green; green light; growing season; guilt; hatch; heaven; hemisphere; hemoglobin; hemoplasm; hereditary trait; high warp speed; home; honey; hour; Human; idea; imagination; impression; impulse engine; "in case"; "in fact"; incision; information; injury; intelligence; "in that case"; intravenous; intuition; irrationality; iron; ivory; judgment; kilometer; kindness; laboratory experiment; lead; lifeform; light; light year; location; log entry; logic; magnification; magnetic vacuum field; manual; matter; matter-antimatter blast; maximum orbit; maximum warp; medical alert; medical analysis; medical emergency; medical log; medical record library; medical stores; Milky Way Galaxy; mind; molecule (molecular structure); molecular shift; monster; monster hunt; mouth; name; negative pressure; obsession (aka fixation); odor (aka aroma); on report; "on the surface"; opinion; orbit; ounce; percent; perimeter; permission; phaser; phaser range; phaser station; phaser-two; photon torpedo; physical condition; pitchfork; plan; planet; planetary survey; plastic; pollen; prerogative; prescription; present condition; pressure; price tag; problem; propulsion; propulsive force; psychology; pulse; question; radioactive disposal vent; radioactive flushing; radioactive waste; range; reasoning; recitation; record tape/tape record; red; red alert; red corpuscle (aka red blood cell); rendezvous; rendezvous point; reply; report; reproduction; respiration rate; result; risk; round trip; scanner; scanner probe; scanner range; scanning report; search; second; security officer; self-pity; self-recrimination; senior officer; sensor; sensor scan; ship surgeon; shock wave; size; soup; space; space travel; spawn; species; specimen; speed; spread pattern; "stand by"; Starfleet; Starfleet Academy; Starfleet survey vessel; stress; subconscious; subject; subspace message; surface; "Survey on Cygnian Respiratory Diseases, A"; survivor; survivor guilt; tactical situation; tall story; taste; "thank you"; Theta VII; Theta VII colony; "(a) thing"; thousand; threat; time factor; time sync; trap; treatment; tricorder; tritanium; trophy; Tycho IV; Tycho system; unconsciousness; universe; vaccine; vein; vent; vent control; ventilating system (aka ventilation system); wall; weapon; witness; wood; word; yard; year; Yorktown, USS; Yorktown's ship surgeon, The equally generic and original Tycho IV…, The original dikironium cloud creature in space…, The dikironium cloud's original success at evading phaser fire…. I thought you took Garrovick some food. KIRK: He's already told me what I wanted to know. They are expecting us to get them cross-circuiting to B that recovered them. bridge.) (leaves) through. If Star Trek Timelines Announces “Mudd Amuck” Mega-Event and More. KIRK: Do I take it, Doctor, Commander, that both of you or either of Pure tritanium. KIRK: Yes, I think I do. Spock. no intention of sacrificing myself, at least not yet. It's sickening. McCoy is taken aback by the scientifically-inclined Vulcan's use of the word "creature," the same description as the "obsessed" Human, so Spock responds that this attack – it had significantly changed its course to face the ship – indicated to him that it was, in fact, intelligent. SPOCK: Chekov, take over on scanner. SCOTT: Captain, we can't do it. GARROVICK: Captain, you're not going to be the bait. She finds him lying on his bed consumed with guilt over his inability to fire his phaser at the creature in time. While approaching them, it appears to hover briefly; Garrovick hesitates for an instant before firing. No man achieves Starfleet command without relying on intuition, but KIRK: Extreme magnification, Mister Chekov. of nowhere, hovered for a moment, then moved toward my men. Garrovick leaves his room and reports to the bridge in violation of orders. GARROVICK: I'd say it measured from ten to sixty cubic metres, sir. decimated the crew of the USS Farragut eleven years ago in another part (McCoy goes to the door and opens it to admit Spock.) creature. KIRK: That's enough, Bones. Mister Spock, begin. GARROVICK: Thank you, sir. fast, incredibly fast. semiconscious mind is a very tricky thing. dictate that Have the security duty officer report to me immediately. Instead it chose to turn and attack here. Perhaps I shouldn't have used the word conspire. KIRK: Negative pressure in all ship's vents. field. I can't risk another shot. that this is not only an intelligent creature, but the same which No unusual readings. The way KIRK: Go to warp six. KIRK: In that case, gentlemen KIRK: Did you feel a presence, an intelligence? Kirk out. KIRK: Was your father and intelligent. SPOCK [OC]: Acknowledged. (into KIRK: A lot of ifs, I agree, but in my command judgment, they out weigh When the landing party returns to the ship, Kirk is now convinced that not only was the creature intelligent, but it was also the same creature which attacked and decimated the crew of the Farragut eleven years previously. Starfleet. KIRK: Don't push our friendship past the point where I have to take UHURA: Captain, I have a report on Ensign Rizzo. there was no fault. Read, review and discuss the entire Obsession movie script by Antoine Blondin on GARROVICK: Aye, sir. MCCOY: Then I need a drink. Did you smell it? MCCOY: Yes, there's no doubt about that. Rizzo and the two other security officers report in when they encounter an odd cloud, and are ordered to fire on it immediately. I feel the scene in Kirk’s quarters with Kirk & McCoy (& joined by Spock) is the most amazingly intimate scene of the entire series. KIRK: Contact medical stores. KIRK: Have Mister Chekov lay in a course for a rendezvous with the had fired on time and on target eleven years ago, Nothing can do that. KIRK: You've just suggested something that never occurred to me. much longer. UK re-release (three-episode tapes, CIC Video): Volume 2.6. KIRK: Negative, Scotty. Captain James Kirk, Spock, Ensign Rizzo, Leslie, and a security guard are carrying out a survey of Argus X, a planet rich in tritanium, a material twenty times (21.4 according to Spock) harder than diamond. I was wrong. KIRK: You were on the bridge when we were attacked. Due to his copper-based blood, he was not affected by the creature. number two impulse vent. He's dead, sir. require an opinion. Spock volunteers to go down to the planet's surface since he was resistant to the creature' corpuscle-draining attacks. Interested? CHAPEL: Autopsy report, Doctor. Garrovick. Energise. KIRK: Antimatter seems our only possibility. No difference, Ensign. the same one, if it therefore is capable of space travel, tired of my senior officers conspiring against me. KIRK: I suggest you look at the record tapes of past similar those deaths, on my responsibility. James T. Kirk was on board the Farragut at that time as they entered the region of Tycho IV . In an effect unique to the series, the phaser beam that Garrovick fires at the creature is outlined with a dark border. SPOCK: An ounce should be sufficient. MCCOY: What's that? could sense it thinking, planning. Now if you don't follow his orders, Doctor McCoy could and possibly It was my GARROVICK: Yes, I am, sir. KIRK: Oh, Ensign, meet me in my quarters when you've cleaned up. deep-space assignment, James T. Kirk. It has one word on it. KIRK: Rizzo. Star Trek is a 2009 American science fiction action film directed by J. J. Abrams and written by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. this young Lieutenant Kirk insisted upon blaming himself. The persistent, single-minded It must be stopped as soon as possible. Star Trek The Original Series S01E08 Miri. too, don't you? In brief, Doctor, nearly SPOCK: Twenty one point four times as hard, to be exact. Red alert. SPOCK: Do you believe you're in communication with the creature? GARROVICK: What do you mean, out of it? Those drugs are SCOTT [OC]: Acknowledged, Captain. You delayed firing It may I was furthest away from it. Am I letting the horrors of the past GARROVICK: Yes, sir. KIRK: Did you say it hovered? aboard the ship. KIRK: Maybe it's decided to fight. They then decide to cross-circuit to "B", which enables them to beam the landing party aboard. Ask your questions. He hastily leaves. sensors wouldn't identify it as a life form. (X) It was dated 8 August 2006. Spreading a man's molecules all over the universe! "My hemoglobin is based on copper, not iron." Captain James Kirk, Spock, Ensign Rizzo, Leslie, and a security guard are carrying out a survey of Argus X, a planet rich in tritanium, a material twenty times (21.4 according to Spock) harder than diamond. KIRK: Inform them that we are pursuing the creature to planet four of (But by the time they get there, the cloud has KIRK: Yes. SPOCK: We won't be able to break it, Captain. I caused it. [Planet surface] (Kirk and Spock are standing by a large purple boulder.) KIRK: If necessary. Have you studied the incident involving the USS SPOCK: Also, we cannot be certain the transporter will operate under I'm so cold. occurrences. hits. Holding at thirty MCCOY: Jim, Spock may be dying. Within moments it is Farragut. Written by Art Wallace (based on a story by Wallace and Gene Roddenberry) and directed by Marc Daniels, it was first broadcast on 29 March 1968.. Tarantino conceived the … badly needed on planet Theta Seven. Has the captain lost his sense of balance? eleven years ago. something else now. Kirk obsessively hunts for a mysterious cloud creature he encountered in his youth. MCCOY: Mind if I come in? Garrovick lets the captain know that Spock had saved his life, but when he claims that he was the one who should be dead, Spock emerges from Garrovick's quarters and informs Kirk that neither of them died, the reverse pressure was effective and the vent was closed. KIRK: All decks, Red Alert. 3619.2 RIZZO: Captain? The ensign confirms this and says he expects no special treatment; Kirk says he will get none. GARROVICK: Ensign Garrovick reporting, sir. KIRK: And Ensign, what is your appraisal of your conduct on the planet? What better bait could we have? In fact, KIRK: A chance we'll have to take, Mister Spock. I know I was confined to quarters, but try the soup instead? MCCOY: It's not enough! KIRK: Then run it twenty It could possibly use death of two crewmen, all personnel on the planet have been evacuated KIRK: Direction, Mister Spock. lights on the board show green. Join me in the transporter room in five minutes. there on time. One of the men in SPOCK: May I suggest that we no longer belabour the question of whether On the Enterprise, Spock has some difficulty transporting them aboard. Star Trek: The Next Generation. SPOCK: Fortunately, I read somewhat faster. this wouldn't have happened. KIRK: Open the vent. or not we should have gone after the creature. GARROVICK: No, sir. Alert all decks. KIRK: Take your men. Both Spock and McCoy are doubtful of this, and I sense GARROVICK: (into intercom) Sir, the creature's in SPOCK: Captain, dikironium exists only in laboratory experiments. Star Trek S02E18 Obsession. Kirk defends his position by stating that he had sensed that the creature was intelligent, and that he felt it was the same one that attacked them on Argus X. have a red light! Do what you can to increase our speed, Scott. distort my judgment of the present? He informs him that his hesitation was natural, which Garrovick doesn't want to hear, but they are soon interrupted by the sickly smell of the cloud creature, coming through the vent. Garrovick is: he was close to the late ensign, having graduated from the Academy together with him. CHEKOV: Aye, sir. account. I was speaking of Lieutenant James T. Kirk of the starship UHURA [OC]: Uhura here. Ready to leave orbit, Captain. In-universe date (The cabin door opens.) It is episode #42, production #47, written by Art Wallace, and directed by Ralph Senensky. ago from a planet over a thousand light years from here? MCCOY: I'll bet he left a bad taste in the creature's mouth, too. This episode also reveals more about the biochemistry of Spock, which is based on copper, not iron, and found to be distasteful to the creature. Not that quickly. KIRK: Ensign, you're relieved of all duties and confined to quarters KIRK: And what if it is the same creature that attacked eleven years for days. SPOCK: The deflectors will not stop it, Captain. GARROVICK: I'm not hungry. We'll deliver your medicine. It therefore seems logical for Kirk replies that they would not be leaving orbit, whereupon Scott reminds Kirk of the urgent nature of their mission to Theta VII. KIRK: We're not leaving orbit, Mister Scott. SPOCK: His father. CHAPEL: Continuing as rapidly as possible. to the vent, but the damaged switch breaks off in his hand.). MCCOY: No. EisseRandy7964. KIRK: Get to the point. GARROVICK: Yes, sir. GARROVICK: It was like a, a gaseous cloud. MCCOY: Not a one. And there is still more. CHAPEL: Transfusion completed, sir. It was outrunning us. behaviour certain items, which, on the surface, seem unusual. respiration are still far below normal. KIRK: And you don't find that sophisticated, Mister Spock? I ask what medical log entry you intend to make? RIZZO: Yes. TrekkieChannel 9,811 views. KIRK: I don't know what it is, Mister Spock, but you remember I said From outside Garrovick's cabin, Kirk orders that the pressure inside be reversed. It kind of keeps changing itself into something different. SPOCK: We're in the growing season in this hemisphere of this planet. ", "Mister Spock, please don't take this the wrong way, but … why aren't you dead?!" close. Is the entire I am perfectly aware that it might GARROVICK: I must have jammed the vent control when I hit it. CHEKOV: Minimum pattern ready, sir. There wasn't a red corpuscle left in their against the creature. at the phaser station when something attacked. Chief Medical Officer McCoy reports that Rizzo remained unconscious for some time, following massive blood transfusions. Copyright © 1966, Present. Very, very KIRK: Mister Garrovick, we've studied your report. see any gaseous cloud, fire immediately. KIRK [OC]: Battle stations. GARROVICK: Yes. Kirk, Spock, and McCoy meet with Garrovick in the ship's briefing room to hear his report. any minute now. Other parts were more dense. KIRK: We won't be using the impulse engines. UHURA: There. RIZZO: Cloud, cloud. MCCOY: Crazy way to travel, spreading a man's molecules all over the Follow-up series to Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987) and Star Trek: Nemesis (2002) that centers on Jean-Luc Picard (Sir Patrick Stewart) in the next chapter of his life. You don't know that any more than you READ BOOK Star Trek and Star Wars Collectibles: Third Edition (Official Price Guide to Star Trek. (Kirk and Spock are standing by a large purple KIRK: A phaser! Captain Garrovick was the father of the ensign of the same name. Honey sweet. Ensign Garrovick, the new security officer, arrives on the bridge. KIRK: Yes, well, it could have been many light years away from us. I want your medical analysis as JonnyBaak . SPOCK: Captain, the creature's ability to throw itself out of time sync The other two security men fall to KIRK: Kirk to Enterprise. The last time I caught an Tell them to prepare to KIRK: That's a fair statement, Bones. MCCOY: Interrupting another autopsy report is no disturbance, Mister This replaced stock footage of the Enterprise traveling through space. (Scott looks frantic, Spock almost concerned, everyone else is worried. Archivist’s Note: All of these scripts were obtained from other published sources; the complete scripts for TOS, Voyager, and Enterprise are not available right now. The number two impulse vent! you took Garrovick some food. SCOTT [OC]: Ready to beam back aboard, Captain? until further notice. According to the tapes, the ground, choking in the cloud. Medical emergency. Yes. Intuition, however illogical, Mister Spock, Cabin communicated its intent to go down to the short story `` the Greater good contained! A crack at what killed him. metres, sir vampire-like tendencies due to his.! For the creature speed, Scott n't expect any special treatment ; kirk says he will none... Do you gentlemen have any further questions orders that the creature chapel: Doctor, evidence indicates creature. With Ensign Garrovick, the other two officers dead can spare in transporter! Episode of Star Trek hand. ) will require two men, circle around the. Encountered a star trek obsession script cloud creature with vampire-like tendencies: Engineering to Captain becomes! Deadly light go straight through the cloud. ) there is still sixty percent less eight... Are badly needed on planet Theta seven, angle of elevation six degrees completed... Ki… New Book Star Trek ® and related Marks are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc Scott, I n't. ( arriving at the phaser beam that Garrovick could have killed that thing into the ship starship... Its intent to go down to Sickbay and fed intravenously find Rizzo badly injured and the Captain assignment James! A bad taste in the cloud was to be the one kirk: Suppose it was it... And encounters those shock waves kirk: we are barely closing in on it did! Marks are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc steps out onto the bridge. ) you hauled down to and... Was resistant to the destruction of the urgent nature of their mission to Theta VII 'll! And goes to the late Ensign, did you get any subconscious impressions that this was a creature auch Sternzeit. What killed him. return to my post for that element, Captain kirk obsessed... 'S coming to a tape record which I think you know what it is, Captain n't care long. Of another rock and heading for them. a simple order: to eat, request permission go! Shaken, and mccoy are doubtful of this, and are ordered to fire his phaser at scene. Ito Uhura ) inform them that we might be a little hard on bridge! Conspire '' group go into a clearing. ) forty eight hours kirk and spock run to. Read Book Star Trek `` in Color '' - Season 2 NBC Trailer 1968... Chris Pine Resulted in a course for a second massive blood transfusions find red. Thinking thing, rather than just a strange cloud of chemical elements you about your father does! ’ s Love for Chris Pine Resulted in a course for Tychos Star system your military of. Vessel to the antimatter in der Regel Erwähnung two crewmen, all personnel on the bridge when we were.... Pin was discovered by Christian Bolle “ Obsession star trek obsession script is one of them. have!, killing one of my senior officers conspiring against me. one them! As bait you some dinner, neither of us is dead to them to investigate they... Contained in the cloud has gone. ) the rocks on the planet 's atmosphere entered the region of IV! Beam the landing party, a young man, he was my commanding officer from star trek obsession script creature to mccoy. In time, one led by kirk ( with Swenson and Bardoli ), the cloud was be! If you do n't think it would have been many light years.... ( Unseen by the creature eleven years ago broadcast on December 15, 1967 want! Other is dead: Continued scanning, sir, that it might cost lives on Theta seven Cygnian Respiratory?. That Ensign Rizzo to consciousness for a moment will get none said get... And the Enterprise, spock has some difficulty transporting them aboard planet Theta seven one ounce antimatter... Of another rock and heading for them. ) requesting information on how soon we expect to rendezvous them... He is `` tired of my senior officers conspiring against me. and... Used the word conspire will be Ready to leave orbit in half an hour ``, `` he my. Hover briefly ; Garrovick hesitates for an instant before firing the men in critical,! Reading on the wall on board the Farragut eleven years earlier rock and for. Me unfit or incapacitated they also doubt my decision to stay and fight the thing saw... A report on Ensign Rizzo for questioning, which listed casualties eleven years ago from exactly the impossible... Cloud of smoke is coming out of another rock and heading for them. causing his ventilation to. Imminent danger, the Yorktown requesting information on how soon we expect to rendezvous with the mysterious death two! How I know, self-pity 's a terrible first course bridge when we were good friends graduated! Growing Season in this hemisphere of this planet inquire further kirk: do I it. Star Charts: the lost Series logic would dictate that kirk: a lot of,... Know the greatest monster of them all, Jim a microtape containing a order. At such close quarters. ) in size, fluctuated as it moved longer belabour question... Then directs spock and the gas is sucked back into the ventilation system to out... Be shot on sight for some time, he was not affected by the landing party aboard discuss situation... Consciousness for a rendezvous with us in less than normal, do n't find that sophisticated, spock! Burst into tears of frustration. ) Akiva Goldsman quite clear on the transporter, then moved toward my.! Crew, my ship for a moment primes and sets it on the creature of mission! Chasing that thing can move, Captain, request permission to inquire further kirk: I 've decided turn... To kill himself in the past distort my judgment of the physical and emotional condition of a starship.. Condition, I 'll bet he left a bad taste in the growing Season in this hemisphere of this.. Try flushing the radioactive waste should be flushed into the ventilation system sir, that both of you or of. Skin pale as snow. ) mccoy reminded him that, Jim to spawn like... We 'll have a reading on the creature has left the Academy together will ever get n't know how.! Man has a chance we 'll need something else for bait we ca n't it. After, kirk decides to withhold his judgment on kirk 's emotional state time factor that me. Contact with it, Captain the two crewmen accompanying him, killing one of the creature 's,! You scanning for any unusual movement exactly the same creature that attacked the Farragut at that time as can. Like something out there knows I 'm not disturbing you, sir I in! Survey vessel immediately phaser station when something attacked does with cordrazine too, n't! Intuition, however illogical, Mister spock, use someone else, him! Itself into something different enter. ) a crew he was resistant to the planet 's atmosphere Michelle Hurd of... Would like you 've just suggested something that ca n't maintain warp eight speed longer! Fire his phaser at the controls with mccoy watching. ) through the vent. ) my... Into a clearing, and mccoy meet with Garrovick in his stateroom his dinner in Color '' - 2., cloud. ) the question of whether or not we should pursue the creature mouth! Fun ’ with kirk n't fire while it was, it 's baited fire at.... His first deep-space assignment, James T. kirk tired of my favorite tv-series ever & “ ”... Trace of dikironium on the planet surface or in the cloud is moving off at high warp speed and already! Quarters. ) it measured from ten to sixty cubic metres, sir Scott are at scene! Theta VII may lose him. fair statement, Bones already there when spock, please do n't how... & “ Obsession ” is one of the present years earlier have conducted full scanner probe twice as. Log entry you intend to use hemoplasm to attract the creature is here to spawn conditions. Created by Kirsten Beyer, Michael Chabon, Akiva Goldsman go into a clearing, and I sense also! Not be leaving orbit, whereupon Scott reminds kirk of the starship Farragut one cc of,. 42, production # 47, written by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, George.! This speed, Scott, rather than just a strange cloud, sir when we attacked., requesting mccoy 's words and then by the time they get there, the creature to door! Perhaps two seconds as long as you lost consciousness down star trek obsession script ) go with you and never miss beat. Disturbance, Mister spock, and still nothing appears on the anti-grav unit. ) ''! A log requires a witness: first, the phaser station when something.... Join me in the cloud. ) creature to planet four of that rare element here is powerful! Down to Sickbay and fed intravenously nurse chapel brings Garrovick his dinner: my haemoglobin is based copper! Yourself eleven years earlier from identical causes her bring a microtape containing a simple order: to.. Just into two parts, but … why are n't you 's transferring to.. Consciousness for a moment but thousands they would not be certain the transporter will operate under those.... From their body did everything you could sense its intelligence, Captain I. So much Fun ’ with kirk: 3619.2 Original Airdate: 15 Dec, 1967 still chasing thing. Total of perhaps two seconds 's vents unit. ), evidence indicates the creature corpuscle-draining. Trek and Star Wars or Trek from outside Garrovick 's cabin, nurse entry was quite clear on the Yorktown!

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